Since the World Nuclear University’s founding in 2003, industry sponsors and professional partners, including the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), the Nuclear Energy Association (NEA), and World Nuclear Association (WNA), have played a pivotal role in helping the WNU deliver its training programmes to over 8,000 nuclear professionals and students from over 90 countries, including many from developing countries.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Traditional Programme Sponsorship

As an independent not-for-profit organization, sponsor support is a vital resource for the WNU’s industry-leading programme. The WNU offers a wide range of in-person programme sponsorship opportunities, including onsite branding, ancillary events, and networking sessions. 

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Virtual Programme Sponsorship WNU-Virtual-Programmes.png

The WNU’s virtual programme delivers technical courses in an online setting. Traditional in-person instruction combines with advanced online learning tools, from gamification, such as simulated plant life management decisions, to social networking, including facilitated chat groups for peer-to-peer learning and virtual mentoring. 

The programme reaches a global audience of leading nuclear-industry professionals, academics, and regulators. Benefits of sponsoring the virtual programme include enhanced brand awareness through digital marketing and targeted outreach, speaking opportunities, and sponsored sessions. 

Media PartnershipWNU-Media-Partner-(1).png

The WNU aims to provide a range of unique and cutting-edge programmes to participants around the world. To help amplify our message, the WNU encourages media partnerships with industry, trade, and international publications and news media outlets. 

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Speaking & Programming Opportunities

The WNU is globally recognized for its in-person training programmes and online learning experiences. To stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving nuclear energy field, the WNU is always seeking content ideas that reflect the latest developments in the industry. The WNU offers many opportunities to contribute to its programmes, from speaking and mentorship to content development and academic partnerships.

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