Communicating Effectively with Nuclear English

Helps nuclear professionals prepare for the English speaking environment, day-to-day communication, report writing, and making use of correct terminology.

This programme is aimed at:



In today’s globalizing nuclear industry, proficiency in English is an essential asset for nuclear professionals. WNU’s intensive Nuclear English-language courses help learners prepare for the English-speaking environment, enabling day-to-day communication with colleagues, the writing of effective reports and participation at conferences. 

The course "Communicating Effectively with Nuclear English" features a range of activities tailored to participants’ needs. In particular, there will be opportunities for simulated practice of situations typically encountered in professional life, such as meetings, presentations and interactions with the public. The textbook Nuclear English (by Serge Gorlin, published by the WNU Press) will provide an important reference throughout the course.

All tutors are experienced, native-speaker English Language instructors, familiar with the nuclear domain.  

Serge Gorlin

Serge Gorlin is the Head of Industry Cooperation at the World Nuclear Association in London, and was previously a translator and interpreter at British Nuclear Fuels. He is the author of Nuclear English (WNU Press), the first textbook for English learners working within the nuclear field. Its contents have become standard coursework at institutions, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute and WANO Coordinating Centre in London.

Penelope Crowe

Penelope Crowe has many years’ experience delivering English courses to professionals within the energy and chemical sectors. Besides course delivery, she specializes in creating blended learning programmes and developing course materials. Ms Crowe was an invited expert at the 2008 IAEA Workshop on Making Knowledge Work - Nuclear English for University Teachers, held in Kaunas, Lithuania.  She lectured at the Angra Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil in 2014, In Czech rep in 2017 and in UAE in 2018. 


Through their intensive study, participants are expected to:

  • Enhance their ability for English communication in professional contexts
  • Increase proficiency in using and understanding nuclear terminology
  • Strengthen their capacity to write professional documents, such as reports and proposals
  • Gain a better understanding of English pronunciation norms, and develop strategies for accent reduction
  • Network with fellow nuclear professionals from other countries


Courses are designed for managers and senior technical staff working in the nuclear field. They should be motivated to learn English in a nuclear-specific context alongside fellow professionals from other countries.

Through attending the course, participants will be aiming to improve fluency, accuracy and range of nuclear terminology at the workplace, rather than to master basic aspects of the English language.

Courses can be held at a client’s premises.  Alternatively, the course can be held at the London offices of the World Nuclear Association. Situated in Covent Garden, at 10 Southampton Street, WNA offices offer free wireless Internet connection and comfortable surroundings.

To organise a course  "Communicating Effectively with Nuclear English" with your company for a group of up to 15 people, please contact us at


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