Online Extended Leadership Development Workshop on Waste Management 18 May 2020

Watch the recording of Parts 1 and 2 of the first Online Extended Leadership Development Workshop here


Part 1: Update on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemics in the nuclear energy sector: supply chain, international collaboration, contracts and liability, jobs
Moderated by: Patricia Wieland, Head of WNU

  • Introduction

  • Panel Discussion and Q&A:

    • Agneta Rising, DG World Nuclear Association
    • ​Mary Alice Hayward, DDG MT IAEA
    • Elina Teplinsky, International Nuclear Practice Lead Pillsbury
    • ​Callum Thomas, CEO Thomas Thor

Part 2: Innovate and CONNECT
Moderated by: Alina Constantin, SI Fellow 2014, SI organizer, NNI magazine editor

  • Invited Leader Presentation: Christophe Xerri, IAEA Director Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology Division
  • The IAEA CONNECT structure and WNU page on innovations: Sarah Cullen, WNU Training Manager

  • Innovations Forum on Waste management: Alina Constantin

  • Q&A

Part 3: Networking