Nuclear Olympiad

A unique opportunity for University students to build a top global professional network while contributing to nuclear communications.

This programme is aimed at:



The WNU Nuclear Olympiad is an international challenge for undergraduate and graduate students on effective public communication on nuclear science and technology. This is a unique opportunity for university students to showcase originality, creativity, and knowledge on nuclear sciences and applications and how these enhance the quality of life. By participating in Nuclear Olympiad, students have the opportunity to connect with nuclear organizations and find out more about a career in nuclear science and technology. 


The WNU Nuclear Olympiad aims to connect with students who are excited about nuclear science and technology, and give them a voice in an international setting. The challenge also serves as a means of raising public awareness on the peaceful applications of science and technology around the world.


  • The Nuclear Olympiad is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any Faculty or School, aged 18 to 28 years old, and from all nationalities.
  • Individuals or groups may make submissions. In the case of group submissions, one team leader must be selected to represent the team in subsequent rounds.
  • Proficiency in English, particularly oral communication, is essential for effective participation in the WNU Nuclear Olympiad.


Success Stories


To date, there have been four Nuclear Olympiads. Please see their highlights below.