Florencia Renteria

Florencia Renteria

Academic Development

Florencia is a PhD student in Nuclear Science and Technology at Harbin Engineering University in China who built upon her experience at WNU Summer Institute 2019 throughout her career and network

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I completed my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in Mexico (2016) at Instituto Tecnologico de la Laguna.  I continued my Master’s studies in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering in South Korea (2017-2019) at KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS).  Currently, I’m studying my PhD in Nuclear Science and Technology in China (2019-2023) at Harbin Engineering University (HEU) in the specialty of Advanced Reactor Physics.
My area of expertise in Nuclear Industry is Nuclear Core design. Since 2017 I have been participating in the Technical Cooperation fellowship programs at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for Supporting Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to join the Summer Institute Program from World Nuclear University (WNU); 82 people from 39 countries were united to develop leadership, communication and management skills for the development of the Nuclear Industry.

Last year I arrived in China and it’s a great country where we can learn a lot of things about the nuclear industry and daily life. Unfortunately, at the beginning of this year, COVID-19 pandemic is affecting so many people around the world, and especially our daily life and activities. Even though this is a hard time; we need to keep a positive mind and attitude; and find a way to keep developing our activities. Technology is helping us through meeting applications to take online classes, join online webinars with the experts of our industry, write articles, journals, do self-study and work in projects by long-distance supervision.

This is a new opportunity to come up with different strategies and solutions for the benefit of sustainable and economic development in the world. This situation provides the chance to emphasize more in the projects in the nuclear industry that use Machine Learning applications and Artificial Intelligence. Wherever you are, do not stop learning and develop yourself because your knowledge and skills will contribute to the current and future solutions.

Florencia at the Summer Institute 2019



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