Ayan Alimzhan

Ayan Alimzhan

Leadership Qualities

Ayan Alimzhan is the Chief of Section Development Strategy Management at "NAC "Kazatomprom" JSC, in Kazakhstan. He attended the Summer Institute in 2015.

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Summer Institute

I participated in the 2015 Summer Institute, which was held in Sweden. The course took 6 weeks and included lectures by renowned world-renowned experts, leaders of companies in the nuclear industry, such as Hans Blix, Tim Gitzel, as well as practical exercises with visits to production and energy facilities of Sweden.

As a result, I gained valuable knowledge and experience exchange with the best experts in the nuclear industry, which I have been successfully applying for 4 years in my work. The management of the company appreciated my training and began to entrust projects important for the Company, which I have been successfully implementing to this day.

For 4 years I was the head of two divisions. Now I head the unit for managing the Company's development strategy, sharing my experience and knowledge with my colleagues. I feel that leadership qualities have appeared in me and my colleagues feel comfortable. The Summer Institute taught me a more responsible attitude to my work, and most importantly, to love what I am doing now. Thanks to the whole team of the World Nuclear University


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