IAEA E-learning on Spent Fuel Storage


05 October 2020

1 minute

The IAEA has made available an e-learning course on Spent Fuel Storage comprising 5 modules with 7 lectures in total.
The modules cover:
  • an overview of spent fuel management options
  • fundamental principles of spent fuel management
  • spent fuel characteristics
  • spent fuel transport
  • spent fuel storage
The course is addressed to a broad audience from decision makers, regulators, professionals in the nuclear field interested in the topic and other interested stakeholders to young professionals, and nuclear master and undergraduate students.

The course is available free of charge at the IAEA site: https://elearning.iaea.org/m2/course/view.php?id=561

Please note that in order to access the course a NUCLEUS account is needed that can be obtained at http://nucleus.iaea.org.

A certificate issued by IAEA is obtained at the successful completion of the course.

An introductory video explaining the content of the course as well as the way to access can be found on the public page of the SFM Net: https://nucleus.iaea.org/sites/connect/SFMpublic/Pages/default.aspx

For any additional information and support, please contact SFM.Contact-Point@iaea.org.
Written by
Alina Constantin

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