World Nuclear Association Nuclear Fuel Report Expanded Summary


10 July 2020

2 minutes

The World Nuclear Association has recently released an Expanded Summary of the 2019 Nuclear Fuel Report. This is a great chance for students, young professionals, researchers and Academia to look into one of the iconic publications of the Association that always raises an incredible interest in the nuclear industry world. Since its foundation in 1975 the World Nuclear Association has published its biennial Fuel Report 19 times and it was mainly not available for young professionals, who don’t work in the WNA member-company, because of its price.

Download the Expanded Summary of the 2019 Nuclear Fuel Report

The Expanded Summary contains identical information to the 2019 Nuclear Fuel Report but within a limited scope. Nevertheless, you will get a good understanding of the Fuel Report’s methodology and new concepts that were introduced in the 19th edition; besides, you will find explanations of factors affecting the nuclear power growth and will get the notion of what developments the industry may require between now and 2040; and certainly you will be able to read the Report’s key results and conclusions, in particular, the supply/demand projections in different stages of the nuclear fuel cycle (uranium, conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication) and the nuclear generation projections for the next 20 years.

The Nuclear Fuel Report is a highly authoritative publication used as a reference by industry and state authorities worldwide. It is produced by experienced industry experts, who have great understanding of both the current situation in the industry and its future trends. More than 50 experts worked on the 19th edition of the Report, both from the utilities and fuel supply companies, and from many countries around the world. In this edition that was released in September 2019, World Nuclear Association’s projections for nuclear generating capacity growth have been revised upwards for the first time in eight years which clearly demonstrates a positive trend that occurs nowadays in the global nuclear industry, being a very encouraging and motivating factor for students and young professionals proving that the choice of profession has been made right and that the industry does have bright future and prospects for development.

So this is a must-read publication that will give you a good insight of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear industry potential. 

For those interested in uranium geology, resources, exploration, and production, IAEA has a summary and reference volume for world uranium geology and resources allowing insight into potential future uranium discoveries and supply, with supporting data from 27 editions of the joint OECD-NEA/IAEA ‘Red Book’.  Download the publication here.
Written by
Olga Skorlyakova

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