Dorra Lajnef

Dorra Lajnef

Building Bridges

Dorra Lajnef, Head of Service in Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas, worked on a feasibility study for the first NPP in Tunisia. She explains how WNU participation furthered her skills and career

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I graduated in electrical engineering from the National School of Engineers in Tunis and I graduated in nuclear engineering from the National Institute of Nuclear Science and Techniques (INSTN) in Paris, France.  Then, I joined the team working on the technical and economic studies for the introduction of the first nuclear power plant in Tunisia.

Before enrolling the WNU SI, I had three objectives: building large networks, learning and sharing experience, as well as bringing back a lot of fond memories.  In fact being one of 76 Fellows from 30 countries during six weeks in the same place, was a great experience to make friends, to learn from each other and to share knowledge and experience. And during this training course, I had the chance to improve my leadership skills through the face to face with leaders from all over the world by learning from their experience. It was also an opportune time to reinforce my skills through working group sessions and co-working with “future leaders” with different styles of leadership, different cultures and different backgrounds. And this was challenging and helpful experience to enhance my ability to work within an international framework. During WNU SI 2017, I had the chance to improve my communication skills and learn how to build a successful team through the interactive platform Faber Fantasticus, leadership activities and Network for Nuclear Innovation projects.

WNU SI is a one-off opportunity to shape the future nuclear leaders.  The main contribution of WNU SI is networking. In fact WNU SI allows building bridges between the future leaders from all over the world. Leadership skills are reinforced in different ways during six weeks; through the fruitful discussions, the outstanding presentations of the invited leaders and finally through the different instructive activities and projects.



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